"The Gut Strap"

A Very Unique Device For A Very Unique Fiddler

With the help of Roy's nephew, Billy Troy Thackerson, and a few good friends, Sam Herring, and James Rushing, a woodworker who crafted Roy's design.

Using a belt, Roy fastens the "Fiddler Gut Strap" around his w Fiddle Gut Strap aist. The cushioned arm holds the fiddle in place as he plays or frets over the top.  A large rubber band is fastened over the neck of the fiddle to keep it from 'floating" when pressure is applied as he frets the fiddle. 

"Someday I'm going to play on the Grand Old Opry."

As a young teenager, Roy once told his friends and family, "One day I'm going to play on the Grand Old Opry."  You can only imagine the kind of response he received with that statement. 

            Roy is one of the very few that realized his dream come true.