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Makin' Music with my Friends...

During our time in New Mexico, we traveled to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, commonly called T or C by the natives, to compete in the New Mexico State Fiddle Contest. Backing me up on rhythm guitar is Teresa Short and Larry Hoots.

Click here for information on the New Mexico Old Time Fiddlers Association

T or C New Mexico
Roy, Teresa and Larry

Good friends, good music, and good food. What else could a person ask for in this lifetime? We visit the Martins' at Foster, Oklahoma several times a year. J.R. and Clara "Sis" Martin become the hosts and open up their home to one and all and make a spread fit for a king. Musicians come from several counties to take part in the Martin Jam and has been known to last until after midnight on many nights. Oklahoma fiddler, the late Billy Joe Forester, took part in these jams on numerous ocassions.  There is a standing joke at the Martin residence as we call it "Motel Martin" and they "always leave the light on for us."  Thanks J.R. and Sis for making us a part of your family!

Pictured in the photo below is J.R. Martin, (standing) Bill Davis and myself. Bill plays banjo and rhythm guitar and as you can clearly see, we have a lot of fun when we jam! Bill didn't think I could pick the guitar with my "fingeless" adapted glove. We all got a good laugh over that glove.

The Martin Residence in Foster, Oklahoma
JR Martin, Bill Davis and Roy Thackerson

On my last trip to Weiser, Idaho to the National Fiddlers Contest in 2004, to play rhythm for a New Mexico state fiddle champion, I had the opportunity to visit with some truly great fiddlers and musicians. During my stay a group of us got together for a jam. Pictured left to right: Dick Barrett (deceased), Franklin, Jim "Texas Shorty" Chancelor and wife, Ruth, and myself. A great time was had by all and I appreciated the opportunity to jam with some of the legends in Texas Fiddling.

Weiser, Idaho 2004
Dick Barrett, ? Franklin, Texas Shorty, Ruth Chancelor and Roy Thackerson

Click here for Weiser, Idaho National Oldtime Fiddlers Contest and Festival Information.

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Pie-O-Near Cafe Pie Town, New Mexico
Roy, Stan and Donna

During our travels back and forth from Texas to New Mexico we found the 'sweetest' place to make a pitstop. We met Kathy and Stan at the Pie-O-Neer Cafe in Pie Town, New Mexico, a small unincorporated village about 60 miles east of the Arizona state line and located on top of the Contentiental Divide.  The town gets its' name from an early bakery from the 1920's. Pie Town is the host to the Pie Festival in September and the best pie eatery on the west side of Texas. While we were having some very scrumptious pie, we noticed an upright bass standing in the corner. We asked if anyone played it and learned that Stan played some. After dessert, Roy, Stan and I play had a short jam right there in the cafe. If you ever have the chance to pass thru this little town, don't pass up the chance to visit the Pio-O-Neer Cafe. Pie Town, a small town, a few people with BIG hearts. Keep on baking Kathy!

Click here for some of the best tasting pie you will ever eat in Pie Town, New Mexico

Wilson County Fair 2009
Roy Thackerson and Melvin Sloan at Fiddler's Grove Opry

I have had the honor of knowing Melvin Sloan for 38 years and he and his family have become very dear friends. Melvin provided the entertainment for the Wilson County Fair at Fiddler's Gove Opry in Lebanon, Tennessee for many years. I consider it a priviledge to be on the same stage with Melvin. I respect him as a professional in the music industry and a truly good friend.

Click here for information on the Wilson County Fair in Lebanon, Tennessee

Wilson County Fair 2009
Roy and Melvin Sloan

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WTNK Tennessee Country Radio
Roy and Melvin being Interviewed by Earl White at WTNK Radio Hartsville, Tennessee

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One can make it
in this world
without money
but cannot
make it
    without friends!